Tue 6 Jun 2023

Volunteering Heroes!

The Claymills Victorian Pumping station in Burton upon Trent would not be here without the wonderful work of volunteers in the area.  They are living proof of the amazing work that can be done by a willing ‘few’ to preserve our heritage and bring entertainment and insight to the local community and beyond. 

As we celebrate Volunteers Week, here’s a lovely snapshot of the value of volunteering to both the organisation and their fellow volunteers! 

‘Claymills Victorian Pumping Station has been run entirely by volunteers, including the board of directors, for the last 30 years, and in that time, it’s been pulled back from dereliction. Here are two of our heroes – Ernie in his 90s and dapper even in his overalls, and Jacob who joined us at the age of 11, about 10 years ago now, and who simply doesn’t DO dapper.

We’re so proud of them and all the rest of the gang!’

If you’re looking to volunteer locally, or would like to recruit volunteers for a local project, please get in touch with our Volunteering Team on and we’ll do our best to help you find your perfect match.  The Claymills Pumping Station are currently looking for more volunteers to join their team – you can view the details here:

DetailsForSearch – VMS (

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