New Communities Resettlement Grants available

Grants up to £10,000 availalable for organisations in Staffordshire who are supporting Ukrainian families hosted under the Homes fo Ukraine scheme.

Staffordshire County Council and the Community Foundation for Staffordshire are working in partnership to deliver a programme, which has been created to support resettlement and integration alongside other commissioned services and schemes. The aim is to support Ukrainian individuals who have entered the country as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme to integrate into their new lives in Staffordshire and to become fully independent.

All Grants that are awarded will need to help resettled families to :

  • Be happy and healthy
  • Feel safe and belong
  • Achieve and contribute

We are seeking to support activities that will work with and around the individual resettlement and integration journeys that each guest will take during their initial years in Staffordshire to achieve the following outcomes.

To find out more information and for details on how to apply, please visit our website

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