Community Safety Day, Tamworth – Book now – Saturday 9th September 2023

Fri 11 Aug 2023

Book now – Saturday 9th September 2023

Community Safety Day, Tamworth

What does your organisation/department do? What does the public think you do? Do they know you exist? Do you need to educate the public on your roles in community safety? Do you need to get some volunteers through a recruitment drive for fresh faces?

We have been offered an opportunity for something different. We have previously held networking forums, but we reach the same people and the same groups. We love Tamworth have offered us some space for us to speak directly to the public and show / explain what we do.

I know it’s a Saturday, but this is a busy event which should attract many people and it would give us an opportunity to show what we do, how we work together to support the community and to educate more people on community safety issues.

The spaces for the Community Safety Partnership are free.

The Fire Service have hired a car to cut up and show their skills.  The Police and hopefully other groups can get involved in demonstrating their skills in dealing with incidents too; such as actors with pretend injuries, first aiders etc.

So let us know asap that you can join us. Please email BOTH and  to request a table for this Community Safety Day event.

If you need a larger space, please indicate this in your email.

Get on our community safety space now!!

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